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Curator Luca Curci interviews me about my art film Pelo Amor de Deus I exhibited in Venice, Italy earlier this year! Thanks Luca Curci ­čÖé

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this Saturday January 10th! Round 24 artists of PILOTENKUECHE artist residency will be exhibiting our newest art works as part of the Spring Rundgang at Spinnerei Leipzig SpinnereiGalerien Leipzig Open from 11AM til all night.
Lily Koto Olive ( – USA
Kenneth Stitt – England
Javier Ramirex ( – Columbia
Theodora Koch (ÔÇŽ/Theo-Kokhodzes-ÔÇŽ/497522813675714ÔÇŽ) – Georgia
Anne Luisenbach ( – Germany
Alexander Jensen – Denmark
Samuel Haley-Watts – Scotland
Case Randall ( – USA
Marti├▒ Holz- Germany

I had the most amazing, life changing Summer. I spent four months living in Leipzig, Germany. I went there to participate in the PILOTENKUECHE artist residency which was located in the Spinnerei ( a HUGE complex in an old converted industrial building that now houses galleries and studios.).

My residency was full of wonderful people and incredible artists from all over the world. Below are photos from our final residency exhibition, which we called Scho╠łneSchnitzelNoise Don’t ask what that means, it made sense to us in our own nonsensical way! ­čÖé

Artists in my residency included the following people: Jan Potter (Germany), Anna Kiljunen (Finland), Tina Metschke (Germany), Siegfried F├╝reder (Austria) and Fellipe Vergani (Brazil)

Paulie DJing our event

Paulie DJing our event

with friends are our opening

with friends at our opening

my painting and Anna's chair

my painting and Anna’s chair

My paintings and Fellipe's installation

My paintings and Fellipe’s installation

my painting, Fellipe's sculptures and Anna's chair installation

my painting, Fellipe’s sculptures and Anna’s chair installation

Kalle performing as Der Taubling

Kalle performing as Der Taubling

Jan's signal

Jan’s signal

Jan's paintings and installation

Jan’s paintings and installation

Jan's signal for the exhibit

Jan’s signal for the exhibit

inside cave

inside cave

crowd watching performances

crowd watching performances

Tina's cave detail

Tina's cave

back room Scho╠łneSchnitzelNoise

back room Scho╠łneSchnitzelNoise

Anna's Paintings


Hi friends! Hallo from Leipzig! I am currently living here for the Summer on an artist residency at Pilotenkueche ( ). I have the pleasure of working for four months in a gorgeous sun filled studio with my other talented Pilots/artists on the program. The country is gorgeous, food is incredible, and the art exhibitions have been really wonderfully inspiring. Keep checking the blog as I will be posting updates of my new work I’m making here in Germany, and will keep everyone updated on my upcoming exhibitions here in Germany.