Wittgenstein Alien Frequencies Meditation

Video I created for an art exhibit in Vienna, Austria at the Haus Wittgenstein for the show \”Wittgenstein: 1918 – 2018\” . The video was created in tandem with an installation of 6 paintings I made. The show opened December 4th, 2018 and runs until January 9th, 2019.

Sad fox buries his eyes and grows an alligator hand

Created in NYC in January, 2012. Caught in a thunderstorm, and without shelter, Fox goes mad, ripping out his eyes, and burying them in an large flower pot. His eyes are determined to see with or without his natural body, and reincarnate as an alligator flower that sprouts up from the earth.


Created in 2012, this is a beginning clip for an animation idea involving claymation and collage.

Dancing Inside INSIDE OUT

Created in May 2014 for the group show titled \”You Are Freaking Me Out\” which was held in Worclaw, Poland at Galeria Sztuki Współczesnej


An abstracted digital painting and collage made in November 2015, in which I was investigating signs, symbols and binary language. A coded love letter inside a flickering painted environment.

Burning in water, drowning in flame

Published on Nov 9, 2013

Video installation created in September 2013 in Leipzig, Germany at the Pilotenkueche artist residency. Filming took place in Venice, Italy and Leipzig, German

pelo amor de deus

Video created by Lily Koto at the Pilotenkueche artist residency in Leipzig, Germany from footage shot in Venice, Italy and a performance filmed in Leipzig, Germany.

Inside OUT

Published on May 8, 2014, artist performance and video collage combined into an experimental video piece.

Light Cathedral

Video installation created at the New York Academy of Art as part of my MFA thesis show. I painted the windows, and projected my video of light beams dancing across water onto the painted environment. This peace was a visual meditation on how light reflects and distorts on various colors and surfaces.