Lily Koto Olive exhibiting in Vienna this December

Travel Exhibition


 4. Dezember 2018 19 Uhr



Minna Antova, Žarko Aleksić, Ilse Chlan, ​Maria Grün, ​
Agnes Hamvas & Hubert Hasler, Edgar Honetschläger, Yukika Kudo, Frederick and Lilian Kiesler Foundation, Oscar Cueto, Michael Koch, Svetlana Mircheva, NOIMA, Lily Koto Olive, Laurentiu Virgil- SPATARU, Adelina Popnedeleva, Illian Savkov, Franz Wassermann


Minna Antova, Denise Parizek, Oscar Sanchez

WITTGENSTEIN is an interdisciplinary exhibition with educational program
WITTGENSTEIN The curatorial premise focuses on the multi-layered language-based investigations of Ludwig Wittgenstein but more specifically on how his ideas in the 21st-century are interpreted by
mixed media visual artists
WITTGENSTEIN proposes a combination of new media art works,
interventions and performances, installations and new genre works that mirror Wittgenstein´s skills as a philosopher, architect, designer, lover of fine arts and aural experience.
WITTGENSTEIN is a modular travel exhibition. The display of the exhibition is just as variable as the participating curators, artists and their works of art. The destinations can be extended.

In 1918 Tractatus-Logico-Philosophicus was completed by Ludwig Wittgesntein and it first appeared in 1921.
Denise Parizek initiated with international curators Minna Antova, Wayne Bearwaldt, Oscar Sanchez, the travel exhibition „WITTGENSTEIN“ for this centenary.
The curatorial approach is to break boundaries in thinking and geographical nature as well as limits of the genres of the visual arts. Parallel to Wittgenstein‘s all-round genius, which ranged from architecture, art, music up to philosophy. The curatorial and artistic approaches of the exhibition is the interpretation and transformance of ideas, thoughts, visions of artists from Bulgaria, Canada, Mexico, Austria and Romania in all these countries.
In any case, the goal is to return to the themes that make up Wittgenstein‘s philosophy to discuss his point of view and to connect his thesis with the 21st century.

Proposed funding sources
Canada Council for the Arts, Sask Arts Board, Creative Sask, BKA, ACF, KulturKontakt and private donors.

Cooperation Partners
Frederick and Lilian Kiesler Foundation, Canadian ART bord, ACF